Premium Generic Replacement Brush Heads for Oral-B Braun Dual Clean (8 Pack) | Fits: Dual Clean Electric Toothbrushes, 3D Excel, Advance Power, Professional Care, Smart Series, Pro Health, Triumph

OralFit(TM) Our product is the Dentist’s Official Recommendation for the Standard Electric Oral B/Braun replacement brush head – Beware of counterfeit. These heads are specifically designed to look after your dental health, unlike other knock-off brush heads. Please help fight counterfeiting! Set of 8 Pcs Standard Replacement Brush Heads, shipped with Authorized fulfillment provider directly from Amazon’s warehouse. Did you know? • Every Dentist recommends a new brush head every season • There are many knock-off brush heads out there – and they can damage your teeth • Choosing the right brush heads can make the difference between a healthy and unhealthy mouth These brush heads are compatible with the following Oral B/Braun models: • 3D Excel • Advance Power • Professional Care • Professional Care Smart Series • Pro Health • Triumph • TriZone • Vitality Dual Clean • Vitality Precision Clean Take your brushing to the next level and discover impressive results! Discover why you must use OralFit(TM) • Dentists Recommended – The best substitute for Branded Electric Oral B/Braun Replacement Heads • Approved for Dental Health and Safety Standard – Made of ultra-soft nylon which is easy on your gum, FDA approved and has passed dentist’s official health and safety standard. • Plaque Removal, Dual Action Cleaning, Micropulse and Gum Health power to remove plaque and reduce the chance of gingivitis 5 times better than a manual toothbrush. Order now and flash your best smile! (c)OralFit(TM) – All Right Reserved Related Searches: dual clean brush, oral b, braun, 3D Excel, Advance Power, Professional Care, Smart Series,Pro Health, Triumph, TriZone

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