Replacement Toothbrush Heads For Phillips Sonicare -4 Pack- fits Philips ProResults, EasyClean, DiamondClean, FlexCare models. HX6014

Dental Duty® Replacement Brush Head Bristles• Perfectly Cut Thanks To Unique Dental Duty® Laser Measurement Technology • Balanced Hardness For Optimal Experience (Not Too Hard / Not Too Soft) • Bristles Will Last At Least 3 Months Of Daily Usage (1 Brush Head For 1 Adult) Fully Compatible With The Following Sonicare Handles: • DiamondClean (Black, White, Pink, Purple) HX9322, HX9331, HX9332, HX9334, HX9336, HX9340, HX9342, HX9350, HX9351, HX9352, HX9361, HX9362, HX9371, HX9372, HX9381, HX9382 • HealthyWhite, HealthyWhite+ HX8923, HX8911, HX8918, HX6710, HX6711, HX6712, HX6721, HX6722, HX6730, HX6731, HX6732, HX6733, HX6750, HX6761, HX6781, HX6782, HX6780 • FlexCare, FlexCare+, FlexCare Platinum HX6921, HX6930, HX6950, HX6972, HX6973, HX6992, HX6995, HX9140, HX9141, HX9142, HX9170, HX9171, HX9172, HX9182, HX6970, HX6934, HX6902, HX6903, HX6910, HX6912, HX6920, HX6932, HX6942, HX6962, HX6982, HX6985, HX9110, HX9111, HX9112, HX6911, HX6952 • EasyClean HX6510, HX6511, HX6512, HX6530, HX6552, HX6581, HX6582 • 2 Series Plaque Control HX6220, HX6231, HX6201, HX6211, HX6212, HX6221, HX6250, HX6252, HX6253 • PowerUp HX3631, HX3650, HX3631, HX3100, HX3110, HX3120, HX3130 • Other HX6631, HX6210, HX3210, HX6610, HX6760, HX6411, HX6431

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