Advantages and disadvantages of an electric toothbrush

In our days, we all see all kind of ads about how important is to keep our teeth healthy and clean, to have a fresh breath and avoid teeth decay, gingivitis and other oral problems. Normally, everything should be solved if we brush our teeth correctly and for the recommended time but there are times when we don’t get the results we want and we need help.

One very good option is to use an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush. In case you wonder why do I think that using an electric toothbrush is better than using a manual toothbrush, then you can read below a few advantages you get when using an electric toothbrush. In the same time I’ll also try to write all the disadvantages you may have in case you buy and electric toothbrush.

First you should know that there are many types of electric toothbrushes, some of them are rechargeable and other are with batteries. The best of them are the rechargeable ones because you can recharge them at any time.

Most of the following advantages and disadvantages are already discussed on our site but I considered that it is time to put all of them into one place for a better understanding.


  1. More movements per minute which means that your teeth will get a better cleaning while brushing with an electric toothbrush. The power varies depending on the model but the best is 41,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscilations which is incredible.
  2. Teeth stains and plague will be removed easily because of the power but also because of the shape of the brush heads. Most of them allows you a tooth by tooth cleaning for better results
  3. Whiter teeth in just a few weeks. Most of these electric toothbrushes will help you to get whiter teeth in 2-3 weeks. Don’t expect huge results but you’ll see the first improvements after that period of time.
  4. Healthy gums and avoid gingivitis and gum bleeding. Using an electric toothbrush you don’t need to brush too hard because the brush will do all the work. This way you avoid damaging your gums. Some electric toothbrushes also have a seonsor alert which stops the toothbrush power when you brush too hard. There are also some models with cleaning modes and one of those modes is Massage mode which allows you to massage your gums and improve their health.
  5. You can brush exactly as your dentist said because you have timers which tells you when to change the brushed area and when to stop the brushing process.
  6. Some electric toothbrushes are designed exactly as the manual toothbrushes. Their brush heads are the same in case you don’t like the round shape which allows you a tooth-by-tooth cleaning. Actually the round shape is used by Oral-B brushes and the traditional shape is used by Philips Sonicare brushes.
  7. Choose the brush head based on your teeth needs. This is very important because in case you want whiter teeth then you should buy a brush head for that, in case you wear bracse then you should buy a brush head which works better with braces.
  8. With the latest models of electric toothbrushes you also don’t need to worry about the battery because her life is between 1 and 3 weeks after each full recharge. This is very good in case you are travelling a lot.
  9. Fresh breath. Nothing compares with the breath you have after using an electric toothbrush. You’ll have the same opinion after using one.And it lasts a lot.


  1. The price is the most important disadvantage. Some electric toothbrushes have huge prices but if you can afford them then you get a complete solution for your oral health.
  2. You need to change the brush head at each 3 months when the bristles color is fading. This will cost some extra money but is the same as buying a new manual toothbrush.
  3. At the beginning it is possible to see your gums bleeding but this is until you get used to it.
  4. There are also people who will never get used to the feeling you have when brushing with an electric toothbrush. There are just rare cases.
  5. Some electric toothbrushes make some noise but in the end this is because of the huge power.

As you can see, in terms of cleaning your teeth there are only advantages and this is what you should think about when searching to buy an electric toothbrush. Make sure you buy what you can afford by taking into account that you also need to buy new brush heads at each 2-3 months.

Our last advice is that even there are many electric toothbrushes offered by different manufacturers, the best of them are offered by Braun Oral-b and Philips Sonicare and most people are buying just electric toothbrushes from these 2 brands.

In the end I’ll like to thank you for reading this article and to give you 2 more articles which may help you in choosing the best electric toothbrush for you:


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