10 Tips to protect your children dental health

Our childrens dental health should be a very important task for us, the parents. Childrens in our days have all kind of distractions and many times they forget to brush their teeth, they eat all kind of candies and we should always be there to protect them and their oral health.
In case you don’t know, more than 40% of the kids begin to have cavieties around their kindergarten age. Tooth decay appears many times for kids withe the age between 6 and 19 years.
Here are some very good tips about how parents can protect and even improve their childrens dental health:
1. The Dentist
Go with your childrens to the dentist when the teeth become to appear. Beside that bring him to the dentist regularly after that to protect your childrens dental health. If you do that from the beginning then he will not have big problems in future and you avoid tooth decay, cavities and other stuffs like this. Visit the dentist at least 2-3 times a year.
You also avoid spending too much money because it is better to pay less now than paying more in the future.

2. Teach him the basic habit for brushing his teeth
Before his teeth appear you can always clean his gums with water and a toothbrush for babies or you can also use a soft washcloth.
After that, when the children teeth appear you should ask his dentist when to start the normal brushing. Make sure you teach him to brush at least 2 times a day, and when is the case teach him how to floss.
In our days you can also use an electric toothbrush for kids but first ask his dentist. For a good electric toothbrush for kids you can Click Here.
3. Stand firm for your childrens dental health
Childrens don’t like to brush, rinse or floss so sometimes is very hard to make them clean their teeth. You should always search for new ways to make them brushing their teeth, be patient and always brush on time.
You can let them to choose their toothpaste, buy an electric toothbrush for kids which is more attractive for them or invent all kind of activities if they brush like giving them rates.
4. Always clean your childrens teeth before going to bed
This means that you should also avoid giving them to drink milk, any kind of juice or other liquids with sugar. This way you’ll avoid tooth decay and you can do this by giving them some water to drink from their bottle before falling asleep instead of other liquids.
5. Medicines threat
Medicines can damage your childrens dental health. They can cause tooth decay if they contain sugar and they are flavored. To solve this you need to brush his teeth and speak with his dentist about how to protect against long-term medications.
6. Avoid any kind of juice
Childrens like to drink juice but this also causes tooth decay and obesity so you must be careful and try to protect them from that.
7. Brush for the recommended time
The recommended time for brushing is 2 minutes. Many time the childrens don’t stay so much when they brush so you need to teach them this habit from the beginning. Also using an electric toothbrush can be a solution because those which are designed for kids have all kind of songs playing from time to time and at the end so it can be helpful.
8. The Pacifier
They are good until the age 2. After that you should try your best to make them forget about the pacifier and avoid damaging the teeth line or the shape of the mouth.
9. Use soft bristles
Make sure you the manual toothbrush or the electric toothbrush used has soft bristles. This way you don’t damage the kid gums or the teeth.
10. Take action as soon as you see something strange
If you see something strange in your kid mouth like a small tooth decay, a tooth growing bad or anything else then don’t wait any longer and go to the dentist because he is the only one who knows what is best for our childrens dental health. Maybe we wait longer when is about us but why should a kid suffer because of us? Try to solve your childrens dental problems from the first sign.
These are 10 tips you can apply to protect and improve your childrens dental health. As you can see is easy but you always need to pay attention to his mouth health, make sure his breath is always fresh, avoid bad habith for teeth and teach him the good habits for teeth. When they are little they learn fast and learing how to brush correctly at the age of 5 or so it will help their oral health over time.

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